last updated January 17, 2019

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Los Tamaleros Truck Overhauls Street Tamale Traditions

Foodzooka Splat – OCT 26, 2018

Making tamales is a long, multi-step process that Latino families traditionally tackle together for special occasions. For Los Tamaleros truck, tamale-making is a family undertaking that’s out to make every stop feel like a special event.

Though street tamales have been sold from carts across Los Angeles since the 1800s, Joe Vargas noticed that they hadn’t been a big feature on the latest trendy food trucks. So, in 2015, he started Los Tamaleros as a modern masa-bundling business, driven by generational family recipes learned from his mother, Lidia. Joe helms Los Tamaleros with his son Alejandro and daughter Vanessa managing the business, while his wife Julie oversees food preparation. Altogether, the Vargas family fuels Los Tamaleros with their affection for making fresh Mexican specialties by hand.

Unwrap These Tamales For The Holidays

Foodzooka Splat – DEC 7, 2017

Vendors have been selling street tamales in Los Angeles since the horse-drawn buggies of the late 1800s. Los Tamaleros is a food truck proving tamales are still a hit on the streets. This traveling tamale nursery keeps them steamed and warm in four varieties: pork, chicken, cheese, and sweet corn.