last updated June 28, 2018

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Hours of Operation

  • Regular Hours

    MON 6am - 6pm

    TUE 6am - 6pm

    WED 6am - 6pm

    THU 6am - 6pm

    FRI 6am - 6pm

    SAT 6:30am - 6pm

    SUN 6:30am - 6pm

More Details

Unlike anything in LA before, we were one of the first in the city to launch the “3rd Wave” of coffee; a move towards hand-crafted artisanal espresso.

We’ve dedicated a lot of our time to help LA drinkers discover what fine coffee can taste like, and earned numerous accolades by journalists and customers along the way for Best Tasting Coffee in Los Angeles.

Caffe Luxxe has also set out to celebrate European caffe culture – We encourage you to sit and enjoy socializing with friends and family. Our Caffe Luxxe philosophy is friendly and approachable, yet technically precise without the pretension that we’re know-it-alls. Everyone is welcome in our home, and we respect that you come visit us by choice.

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  • Order at the Counter
  • Takeout / Pick Up
  • Business
  • Casual
  • Family Friendly
  • Metered Street
  • Street
  • Market On-site

What the Stars Drank at the Golden Globes

Barista Magazine – JAN 19, 2015

Los Angeles’ Caffe Luxxe was once again selected as the official coffee for the 20th Century Fox Golden Globes Awards event on Sunday, January 11—and it’s no wonder. With loads of great coffeehouses to choose from in Southern California, stars like Michael Keaton and Reese Witherspoon call Caffe Luxxe their fave.

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