last updated June 28, 2018

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For almost 35 years, the Beylik Family has been dedicated to producing the very best produce possible from our farm near Fillmore in Ventura County. Sometimes the phrase "family business" is included because it sounds nice. More than mere words here, four generations of Beylik's work and care for our crops everyday. Our produce is available exclusively through Certified Farmer's Markets from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. We are all very proud of the quality of our offerings and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed growing them for you.

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Dream the Hydroponic Scene: Beylik Family Farms in Fillmore, CA

Meghan Eats Local – SEP 17, 2012

Until a few days ago, the only people I’d heard use the word “hydroponics” were saying it while rolling a joint. They were probably listening to 311 and wearing flip-flops held together with duct-tape, too - I can’t remember. But at the Saturday farmers market, I heard the word “hydroponics” come out of the mouth of a clean-cut, probably-not-stoned young girl working at the Beylik Family Farms stand. She was selling me Japanese tomatoes (which are particularly sweet and low in acidity) for $3.50/pound and explaining to me why the word “organic” didn’t appear on the stand’s signage.

Farmers market: Beylik Family Farms building momentum

Ventura County Star – MAY 7, 2011

Last year it took until the middle of the summer before Scott and Linda Beylik, who run Beylik Family Farms in Fillmore, to get all of the necessary permits and applications to open the Fillmore farmers market at Central Avenue and Main Street, next to the historic train station. As a result, the Beyliks think, they were unable to build up a clientele in time for the winter months and when it started to get dark early, all foot traffic dried up and they closed for the season.