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Drop The Guilt When You Pick Up Iggy Chips

Calling all crunchavores with New Year’s resolutions: If your body is telling you to ditch the greasy party chips, then consider switching to some crunchy wonders from Iggy Chips.

These dehydrated fruits and vegetables achieve their crisp and crunchiness without being fried in oil, which means fewer calories. Some, such as the zucchini chips, only have 25 per bag.  “It takes more calories to open the bag,” quipped Daniel Bernstein, owner of Iggy Chips.

Iggy Chips - Zucchini Meeny Miney Moe (Foodzooka)
Iggy Chips – Zucchini Meeny Miney Moe (Foodzooka)

Iggy Chips are dried in a home kitchen without preservatives and come in nearly a dozen produce and flavor varieties with more in the making—all vegan and gluten-free. Some versions use natural seasonings which add pizzazz to even reputedly bland vegetables. Bernstein specializes in crunchifying foods not found from other local and national dehydrators, such as cauliflower, black eyed peas, and watermelon.

“It’s almost like a magician’s trick,” said Bernstein, of turning the juice-soaked watermelon into crispy snack flakes. “It does not want to be in this form.”

Iggy Chips - What A Melon flavors (Foodzooka)
Iggy Chips – What A Melon flavors (Foodzooka)

Bernstein sells bags of Iggy Chips at the Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach farmers markets, the Rainbow Acres Natural Foods market in Marina Del Rey, the Follow Your Heart market in Canoga Park, and online at Etsy.

Sometimes a low calorie vegan snack can be a hard sell, which is why Bernstein makes his stall impossibly hard to miss at farmers markets, with the help of his sun-loving iguana mascot. Iggy and his team of bespectacled and wide-eyed plush iguanas thoroughly surround the booth, making direct eye contact with passersby.

Children are easily drawn to his stall to check out the lizards, and parents buy the snacks to put in their kids’ lunchboxes. Bernstein hopes his green-skinned spokesmen will someday propel his product to large markets, or at the very least, encourage people to eat healthier food.

Iggy Chips - Farmers market stand (Foodzooka)
Iggy Chips – Farmers market stand (Foodzooka)

For more information and updates, click the Foodzooka profile below to find the Iggy Chips website and follow them on social media.

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