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Fried Out Dishes Out Fries…With A Side Of Burgers

When a side of french fries commands more cravings than most main entrees, it may be up for a promotion. Fried Out has set out to give fries an upgrade from finger food to forkworthy meal, topped with specialty sauces and locally sourced ingredients.

“Many of our fries are entree inspired and include fresh produce and homemade sauces, which provides the feeling of eating a wholesome, home cooked meal,” said Fried Out owner Priscilla Jaramillo.

Fried Out (courtesy) - Fries with beef
Fried Out (courtesy) – Fries with beef

By using freshly cut organic potatoes fried in non-GMO rice bran oil, Priscilla’s artisan approach puts a more mindful perspective on fries as a comfort food, leaning on the natural flavors and inherent nutrients of quality ingredients.

“Customers are surprised to find how well balanced a plate of fried potatoes can be in terms of flavor and nutrition,” she said. “Good ingredients can certainly make all the difference!”

The potatoes are cut to a thickness of about half an inch and cooked until the fries attain a light fluffiness inside their crispy golden edges. Each seasoned bite releases a mouthful of silky starch and steam, without the greasiness or heaviness you’d expect from a plateful of fried potatoes.

Fried Out (courtesy) - Artisanal fries
Fried Out (courtesy) – Artisanal fries

The Lomo Saltado speaks to the beefed up nourishment Fried Out seeks to provide. It features ribeye steak, red onions, and grape tomatoes tossed in a hot wok along with garlic, ginger and soy sauce. A scoop of spicy aji verde also melds into the mix. Altogether, these ingredients combine into a singular characteristic flavor that soaks into a bed of fries. In the vegan version of this stir-fried marvel, plump portabella mushrooms replace the steak.

“When I was 17, I tried lomo saltado for the first time and instantly fell in love with the food and Peruvian culture,” Priscilla said. “One of my best friends is a chef from Lima who taught me how to prepare the dish.”

Fried Out - Lomo Saltado (Foodzooka)
Fried Out – Lomo Saltado (Foodzooka)

Taking a distinctly different direction are the Maple Bacon Sweet Potato fries. These seasoned sweet potatoes are treated to a glaze of maple syrup and topped with chewy applewood smoked bacon and garlic aioli. “I am a big fan of sweet and savory combinations,” said Priscilla, declaring it as one of her favorites.

For the White Cheddar Truffle fries, Priscilla’s gluten-free cheese sauce uses raw white cheddar and a high quality imported truffle oil. Other dish varieties include Avocado Fries topped with guacamole and chimichurri sauce, Bacon Garlic with parmesan and chimichurri sauce, and Garlic Parmesan with chimichurri sauce. Vegan Cheese Fries are also available with soy-free vegan cheese sauce.

Fried Out (courtesy) - Avocado Fries
Fried Out (courtesy) – Avocado Fries

And where there are fries, there must be burgers, right? Though burgers are a fairly recent addition to the menu, they were a logical extension of the Fried Out lineup, with more housemade fixings. The Garlic Burger borrows the chimichurri sauce from the fries, with a kick of garlic spread and marinated tomatoes. The Truffle Burger shares the white cheddar sauce with a truffle aioli, cooked onions, and arugula. The Firehouse Burger comes with firehouse jack cheese and green chile sauce with spicy aioli. The Classic Burger has cheddar cheese and caramelized onions on a layer of butter lettuce.

“I have a lot of experience making burgers, and I wanted to offer a quality burger using locally sourced grassfed beef,” said Priscilla. Fried Out uses 100% organic beef from Novy Ranches, a family-owned operation in Northern California.

Fried Out also makes a Vegan Cheese Burger from a house recipe, which includes oats and power greens without soy or gluten. The accompanying cheese sauce uses vegan ingredients from the Follow Your Heart market located in Canoga Park.

Fried Out - Vegan Cheese Burger (Foodzooka)
Fried Out – Vegan Cheese Burger (Foodzooka)

You can try any or all of these dishes by visiting the Fried Out food stand on Sundays at the Melrose Trading Post. And if the outdoor setting makes you thirsty, you’ll also find several fresh lemonade choices, all made in-house from seasonal ingredients. Some of the flavors include blood orange, mint limeade strawberry, and lavender lemonade made with flowers picked from Priscilla’s own lavender plants.

At special events and pop-ups, you might find other items that aren’t on the regular Fried Out menu, such as fried ice cream, which gives a frozen scoop a quick dip in the fryer with the protection of a doughy outer layer. A vegan version of the dessert uses donuts from Donut Friend.

Fried Out - Melrose Trading Post booth (Foodzooka)
Fried Out – Melrose Trading Post booth (Foodzooka)

In addition to their regular Sunday spot at the Melrose Trading Post in the Fairfax High School parking lot, Fried Out offers catering and has continued to appear at events throughout Southern California for over two years. Also, stay tuned for a regular pop-up location in the works. Click their Foodzooka profile below to follow updates on the Fried Out website and on social media.

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