last updated June 28, 2018

Get to know An Example Farm

More Details

On Foodzooka, farms include small growers and ranchers throughout California. Some farms may be open to visitors for events and tours, while others simply grow and distribute their goods at farmers markets.

In case you're curious to know more about An Example Farm, this is where you'd look. Here, purveyors may wax poetic about their food, agricultural practices, inspirations, philosophies, and anything else they'd like to explain in greater depth.

An Example Farm could sell their eggs and dairy products at local farmers markets and become a source of ingredients for many purveyors. You can find these local relationships in their connections on this page.

Helpful Tips

And that's not all... this is where purveyors will give YOU some tips! Find out vital little details like what's in season and tricks to keep your farm foods fresh.

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  • Farm Visits by Reservation
  • Wholesale Orders
  • Farm Tours
  • Organic Products
Dietary Options
  • Certified Organic
  • Free Range
  • Grass Fed
  • Non-GMO
  • Cash Only
  • CSA
  • Select Farmers Markets

DEC 3 FYI, An Example Farm will be closed for all holidays throughout the year (mostly because it doesn't actually exist).

DEC 3 Find more impromptu purveyor announcements here and from the Twitter feed below!

If An Example Farm Was Real, You'd Wanna Go There

Foodzooka Splat – JAN 1, 2018

An Example Farm doesn't actually exist. But if you click on this snippet, you'll find real places with real food featured on a mess of an LA food blog, Foodzooka Splat.

What to Expect When You Visit An Example Farm

Foodzooka Splat – DEC 31, 2017

Since there's no address listed for An Example Farm, you probably won't see much when you get there. So for now, feel free to visit the blog linked to this article.