About Foodzooka

How can a simple craving send you on a vicious clickquest through review sites, food blogs, press articles, and Google searches, and still leave you hangry? It’s a mess out there...grab a napkin. 😋

Foodzooka is a local Los Angeles project that aims to make it easier for food fans like you to find what whets your appetite. Our mission is to connect the Southern California food community by gathering a guide to all of the region's edible options, all in one place: restaurants, food trucks, artisans, farmers markets, growers, and food events. All food, only food.

With such a vast and ever-changing SoCal food landscape, our coverage is currently focused in Los Angeles and diligently working its way out. Why is it taking so long? Mostly because Foodzooka is a passion project run by a local husband and wife team with combined backgrounds in digital media, journalism and plate-sharing. The majority of content has been gathered in their spare time from their own experience, research, curiosity and adventurous appetites.

In an ongoing collaboration with local food purveyors, Foodzooka is working to present detailed, useful information about their businesses and offerings so you’ll always know what to expect. You won’t find reviews from critics or customers here because, frankly, there are already plenty of other great sources for that. On Foodzooka, you can explore your local options and make your own food choices, unfettered by overgeneralized judgments. Whether or not you'll like what you eat is for you to go find out! 

Oh, but that's not all. Head over to Foodzooka Splat (splat.foodzooka.com) to get in the mix with local food makers by reading the stories of some of the passionate purveyors who feed our appetites. If you're into "best of" lists and other hyperbolic collections of obvious and/or expensive places to find commonly lauded foods, Foodzooka Splat is not that. Instead, you'll get new perspectives from behind the scenes and learn more about the many tastes that food purveyors contribute to the local community.

Ok, so what’s with the name Foodzooka? Like any modern word mashup, it takes loosely borrowed meanings from two distinct words and applies a sciencey mathematical algorithm to create a funner word: food + bazooka = Foodzooka. A food blaster, a blast of food, food fans having a blast...whatever it might mean definitely involves food and some fun form of propulsion. Pew pew!